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As a Jenkintown orthodontist, we work to create beautifully straight smiles. Patients throughout the Jenkintown area trust us to transform their crooked teeth and misaligned bite into the perfect smile that looks and feels amazing. The first step is to schedule a consultation so that we can examine the teeth and jaw, discuss what you do not like about your smile and make a recommendation for a customized treatment plan.

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Types of Braces

Each person is unique. You will never find a smile that is exactly the same as someone else’s. While many people come in complaining of similar issues like an overbite or gaps between their teeth, we base our treatment of those problems on the entire picture. We take into account the health of the patient, their age and oral health issues, before determining which orthodontic solution is best. If you live in Jenkintown, PA call (215) 892-1438 to schedule an appointment with The Team and discuss which types of braces are right for you.


For those that do not want to wear brackets at all, Invisalign®, also known as clear aligners, is an ideal option for straightening teeth. Patients throughout Jenkintown wear aligners without anyone else noticing. Invisalign® is a set of clear aligners that surround both your upper and lower teeth. We have a dental lab create the aligners after taking several impressions of the patient’s teeth. Each aligner targets specific tooth and moves the teeth closer to being straight. The patient switches out the aligner with the next one in the set every few weeks to a month. After using all of the aligners, the teeth will be perfectly straight. This is an ideal solution for people that have busy lifestyles and do not want to visit the orthodontist on a regular basis. While some checkups are necessary, they are less frequent because lab technicians create the aligners in advance.

Another advantage patients experience when wearing aligners is that patients can remove them while eating and brushing their teeth. However, a patient will need to wear an aligner for 22 hours a day. Patients throughout the local area find it convenient that they can continue eating their favorite foods and caring for their teeth while receiving an orthodontics treatment. As a result, there is a lower risk of staining or damaging aligners when comparing them with traditional braces. The drawback is that aligners can be more expensive and are easy to lose by accidentally throwing them away. At MVP Family Dental we will recommend that patients keep their aligners in a special case to help prevent patients from throwing the aligners away in the garbage.

Traditional Metal Braces

At MVP Family Dental, we offer traditional metal braces since they are still one of the most effective ways for straightening teeth and transforming smiles. While these types of braces have been in use by orthodontists for decades, the technology continues to improve. In the past twenty years, the metal brackets and wires have become significantly smaller. Metal braces are more difficult to see and no longer monopolize a patient’s smile. While the metal is still obvious, more of the natural tooth shines through.

Traditional metal braces work by placing a metal bracket onto each tooth. The bracket looks like a small rectangle. Once secure, we thread a thin metal wire through the brackets. We then ensure the wire stays in place by using rubber bands. Kids have the ability to select the color of their rubber bands, and can change them at each visit. Kids are able to have some fun with the rubber band colors based on their mood or the holiday season. For example, they can have their rubber bands match the colors of their favorite football team during the playoffs.

These braces are also the least expensive option, making them ideal for both children and adults. Traditional metal braces are known for dependable results and are still one of the few solutions for effectively moving a child’s teeth into position.


For people who have malocclusion, that is crooked teeth, the idea of straightening teeth often involves needing to go through a long process with braces. However, what if there was a solution that would allow you to rectify your malocclusion without having to struggle with braces for years? The reality is that modern technology has finally caught up with braces. Fastbraces® works just as well as the traditional form of braces, but in a way that allows your teeth to be straightened much more quickly. While this is a new and improved technology, it has been around for decades and Fastbraces® have existed for roughly 20 years. This process has been effectively used in roughly 30 countries around the world. The difference between braces and Fastbraces® is that Fastbraces® get your teeth straight in a much quicker and shorter period of time, while braces can take years to make a difference. Therefore, as an adult, who wants to straighten your teeth, your best option is this new solution.

Types of Braces: Multiple Options to Choose FromAt MVP Family Dental, we offer several types of braces so that you, our patients, can select the option that works best for straightening your teeth. Our treatment plan will not encumber your lifestyle or work requirements. As an orthodontist, we can help you to select the option that works for you now and in the future.

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