Types of Dental Fillings


We are a Jenkintown restorative dentist office and regularly perform procedures to help our patients regain the full functionality and natural appearance of their damaged teeth. When it comes to both children and adults getting cavities it is all too common. So common that the CDC has labeled tooth decay as a serious infectious disease. It impacts the majority of children at some point and when it does, a dental restoration becomes immediately necessary. Otherwise, your child could end up suffering from unnecessary and inconvenient discomfort. At MVP Family Dental we want to, and can, prevent this by completing a dental restoration in a timely fashion. Very often, dental fillings are the most convenient and easy dental restoration available.

As a restorative dentist, we recommend that you call (215) 892-1438 as soon as you or your child complains of a toothache or experiences dental damage. This way we can examine them, find out what the problem is, and complete a dental restoration in a timely fashion.

How We Place Ceramic Fillings

If you have a cavity and need ceramic feelings we will start by removing the decayed portion of your tooth and cleaning the area. We can then begin to place your tooth colored dental fillings in layers. Each layer is smooth and hardened until we eventually end with a dental restoration that looks natural and also is shaped perfectly to mirror the natural grooves of your tooth. This is critical because a dental restoration must have the dental ridges necessary to allow you to bite down comfortably without experiencing any discomfort. Creating the perfectly shaped dental restoration takes time.  However, we can complete the process in one appointment with our dental office and you or your child can leave with a tooth that is both fully intact and looks natural.

Why You and Your Child Should Get a Tooth Colored Filling

As a restorative dentist, there are several types of dental fillings that we offer.  Generally, we recommend that you consider having tooth colored ceramic fillings because those are better for your appearance and for your health. While silver amalgam fillings were more common in years past, they do pose challenges when it comes to your appearance. Once you've had this type of filling, every time you smile it is easy for people to tell that you have suffered previous dental damage or decay. This is not the case when you have tooth-colored dental fillings. They blend in with your surrounding tooth structure making it easy for you to pretend that you have always had a healthy and naturally beautiful smile.

Ways We Use Dental Fillings in our Jenkintown Dental Office

We use tooth-colored dental fillings for a variety of reasons that extend far beyond simply filling a cavity. In our 19046 dental office, we can place fillings when you or your child has experienced a small chip in your tooth or has lost a small portion of enamel. And this way tooth colored dental fillings or a dental restoration can be placed on the same day that you visit our office. Additionally, this is a non-invasive dental restoration that is incredibly comfortable for you and very rarely requires anesthesia. This makes this type of dental restoration incredibly convenient for anyone that is suffering from dental anxiety or has fears of visiting the dentist in general. Simultaneously, for children that may be unable to sit still for very long and need a dental restoration, we can complete this process in under an hour per tooth making it possible for your child to have their tooth restored and head back to school or out to the playground.

Schedule an Appointment for Dental Fillings

As a Jenkintown, PA restorative dentist office we can treat you quickly and help you to begin to feel better right away. To schedule an appointment for yourself or your child please call (215) 892-1438 and we will find an appointment time that is convenient for your schedule along with theirs.

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