Our Jenkintown Dental Office Answers Questions About Creating a Healthy and Happy Mouth

Dental OfficeIn our Jenkintown dental office, we hear numerous questions from parents for tips to keep their children healthy. We love when parents take initiative to keep their children healthy since we can only do so much to help their children keep a healthy set of teeth. It is up to parents to help their children establish healthy oral hygiene habits that will reduce the risk of getting cavities. However, building healthy oral hygiene habits can be easier said than done. By partnering up and working together with parents, we can come up with solutions.  In the meantime here are answers to some common questions we hear on a regular basis.

When should my child come in for their first appointment?

You can bring your child to the dentist as early as one year of age, or when their first baby tooth grows in.  Babies and toddlers are at risk of developing tooth decay just like everyone else.  In fact, the condition is known as "baby bottle tooth decay" is a common condition in infants. Babies that take a bottle of milk or juice to bed can end up with cavities as a result. The sooner you bring an infant in for that first checkup, the better.

How frequently should my kids brush their teeth?

Children need to brush at least twice per day, and parents may want to supervise until the children are about 10-years-old.  This may seem like a long time but if they are not brushing for the full two minutes and doing it correctly, they may be leaving plaque on their teeth that will lead to cavities.  In our dental office, we also recommend using tools, some of which are found on the American Dental Association website, to teach your kids proper brushing techniques and to get them used to completely brushing for the full two minutes.

What do I do if they have a toothache?

The first step is to brush their teeth.  Food can become stuck, and it can be difficult for kids to know why their teeth hurt.  If you brush them thoroughly and they still have a toothache, call our office.  Tooth decay is the most commonly occurring infectious disease among children according to the CDC.  With that in mind, there is a high chance that your child has a cavity and is in need of medical attention.

What are the dangers to my child's teeth?

Sugar, acid, and playing sports are top on the list.  What they eat can significantly increase their risk of getting cavities.  For this reason, they need to avoid candy and acidic foods like lemons.  Both can lead to cavities, and acid can also lead to erosion.  Playing sports is good for their body but can lead to tooth damage.  You can have them wear a mouth guard that will protect their teeth and decrease the chance of them being knocked out.

In our dental office, we recommend that you have their teeth cleaned at least twice per year.  During these appointments, we will clean and examine their teeth and will be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

Live in Jenkintown, PA and have questions about our dental office? Give us a call at (215) 892-1438.


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