What Makes a Dentist Kid Friendly

Kid FriendlyAsk any kid what he or she thinks of the dentist and you will hear all sorts of complaints from those who do not have the joy of visiting a kid friendly dentist. Little ones dread the dentist just as much as school detention. However, parents who take the time to identify a dentist who is truly kid friendly will find their kids do not mind dentist visits.

The Importance of a Calm Demeanor

The best kid friendly dentists remain calm and collected even when dealing with especially unruly or fearful children. These professionals know how to stay in tune with the young patients' needs. In fact, many dentists go as far as learning and implementing calming techniques to keep young patients as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure or cleaning.

Ask the Dentist Directly

Do not hesitate to ask prospective dentists how they handle nervous, fearful or especially shy children. If the dentist jumps at the opportunity to answer the question and explain why he enjoys working with children, there is a good chance he really is a kid friendly dentist. You can be even more direct by asking the dentist how he handles difficult children. This way, you can ensure you are comfortable with the dentist's methods prior to bringing your children in for cleanings and treatments.

Consider the Dentist’s Attitude Toward Your Youngster’s Primary Teeth

It was not long ago when most parents and even some dentists did not consider baby teeth to be important. If a baby tooth was lost as a result of decay or another issue, it was widely considered appropriate to simply wait for the permanent tooth to arrive. As time has progressed, dentists have found that caring for primary teeth has a massive impact on oral health across the long haul.

The primary teeth should be kept if at all possible. The best pediatric dentists do everything possible to help little ones retain these teeth. Keeping them in place has the potential to prevent an array of problems with subsequent adult teeth. Such problems include but are not limited to extensive orthodontic care, gum disease, decay moving to the permanent teeth and misalignment resulting from the missing baby teeth.

Observe the Dental Office in Action

You can learn a lot by spending a few moments in a dental office. Show up, introduce yourself and state that you want to take a look at the dental office prior to bringing your kids in for a cleaning or treatment. You might be able to pick up on a few signs that the dentist is kid friendly.

Find out if the waiting room has toys, games, puzzles, coloring books or other materials geared toward kids. Are there colorful posters on the walls?  Are there any kids in the waiting room?  Pick up on all of these subtleties and then some during your initial visit to help gauge whether the dentist in question really is kid friendly.

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