Tips to Preventing A Broken Tooth

ToothA broken tooth might seem like a minor deal yet it actually matters quite a lot. Break your tooth and you will be hesitant to talk, laugh or smile in public. A broken tooth is a serious problem that requires time at the dentist and a rebuilding of your mouth as well as your confidence. Here is a look at some helpful advice that will help prevent broken teeth in the first place.

Fluoride is Your Friend

Do not believe all the hype on the internet about the alleged dangers of fluoride. The amount of fluoride in your tap water and toothpaste is adequate for your body. Make sure your exposure to fluoride in your toothpaste is a bare minimum. Toothpaste with fluoride has the potential to ward off demineralization. Fluoridated toothpaste makes teeth that much more resistant to attacks led by acid in sugar as well as plaque bacteria.

Meat Should be Free From the Bone

Always check to make sure your meat is free from the bone. The last thing you need is to bite down into a piece of chicken or other meat and find a hard bone. A bone-in meat has the potential to crack your tooth. Take the little bit of time necessary to slice meats into smaller pieces. This way, if bones are present, they can be separated properly rather than consumed in large chunks.

Do Not Use Your Teeth to Open Things

It is certainly tempting to use one's teeth as a makeshift tool of sorts. Teeth have the potential to open bags and other containers that otherwise could not be opened. However, trying to open a can, bottle or bag with the teeth might backfire. If the teeth cannot get the job done, there is a good chance they will be damaged during the process.

Do Not Chew on Anything Hard

It is awfully tempting to chew on hard candy during the holidays and ice during the summer. However, chewing on any hard substance increases the chances of breaking a tooth. Hard candy is chock full of harmful sugar that is terrible for your teeth. These candies are so hard that they can easily chip or crack one or several teeth. Ice is also incredibly hard and cold. Chew on it habitually and you will inevitably make your teeth that much more liable to break.

Never Bite Your Nails

If you are tempted to bite your nails, try to focus on something else or chew gum with xylitol that cleans your teeth. Biting your nails involves a grinding action that gradually wears away at the enamel of your teeth.

Avoid Corn on the Cob and Popcorn

Though cooked corn is soft, the cob will always be hard. Some pieces of popcorn are not properly popped and leave a dried kernel that is a serious threat to the integrity of your teeth. There is certainly a chance biting down on a hard kernel can cause a broken or chipped tooth. So be picky when it is time to eat and skip the foods that pose a threat to your teeth.

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